MegaDay vs Crisis

brand launch campaign

In this case we used the social buzz about economic crisis in Russia to stimulate a new product trial. We teased the audience, made them curious about Megaday enerjelllies.

Thus a desire to try out a new product was created – resulting in sales on a brand website & in traditional retail. What’s more – our campaign stimulated several companies to buy Megaday enerjellies as corporate New Year gifts for their clients.

Brief & objective
of the promotional campaign

n 2014, Megaday enerjellies were launched in Russia – a 100% natural source of energy in a convenient & fun way. Now it was time to bring a word about Megaday to its core audience – thousands of office workers in Russia.

With no budget for direct ads. Amid the economic turbulence & decreasing oil prices. When on Black Tuesday national currency value can fall by 35% within a day.

Can we use the enormous social buzz about currency & oil prices to build the enerjellies Megaday brand awareness & stimulate trial?

Creative execution

We found 7-day-old - a website to meditate on the falling ruble and oil prices. Relaxing background images & music.
Ruble exchange rates & oil prices streamed live. In one week the website attracted massive attention, especially among the office workers – hundred thousands of visits per day.
In two days Megaday became the first brand to support Zenrus, supplying the office workers with the energy for meditation.

Instead of placing intrusive banners we went for a native ad. A short message led to the Megaday website:

Megaday website provided both online sales & directed to traditional shops, where Megaday was available for trial.


Instead of placing intrusive banners we went for a native ad. A short message leading to the MegaDay website:


One week campaign results:

Video case study

Native ads placement on

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Megaday microsite

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